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Our company specializes in processing and distribution of nuts, dietary products and dried fruits

About Us

About Us

Company “Roko” was established in 1994 and was specialized in processing and distribution of nuts, dried fruits and vegetables, storage and transfer of products.

To meet our customers’ requirements for high quality and safety, rich assortment of products and variety of packaging and weights, we have modern technological equipment for roasting and packing, and well-equipped storage facilities.

This, as well as the high quality control and sanitary-hygiene requirements at every stage of production, storage and transportation, makes us highly competitive on the market.

Our strength are high professionalism, competence, strong motivation and flexibility in the production and pricing policy – a result of the organizational culture of the company.

Our modern facility, highly skilled workers and integrated quality control systems ensure high quality and safety of all of our products.

Our success is guaranteed by the constant investment in infrastructure, material and technical facilities, advertising and staff training.


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